On December 23rd, 2010, Sui Lin (Seap) and I were blessed with the arrival of Aaron Kin & Amanda May Ling Lee. They were a few days shy of 38 weeks. Sui Lin had a normal delivery that took about twenty minutes for both babies. Aaron weighed in at 6 pounds 11oz and Amanda was 5 pounds 4oz.

Aaron was born with laryngomalacia (soft larynx) is a very common condition of infancy, in which the soft, immature cartilage of the upper larynx collapses inward during inhalation. The doctor said that it takes 4 - 12 months for it to mature. It's almost 4 months and I am happy to report that this condition is just about gone.

Amanda was considered a little premature and had a difficult time maintaining a normal body temperature so she remained in the incubator for a week. They both came home on Dec 30th, and are doing well. We would like to say thanks to the Staff at Sutter Hospital and the NICU team. A very special thank you to Dr. Jennifer Ratcliffe and Dr. Ashley Weinart for all their help. Without them, we would not be celebrating this joyous occasion. Let's not forget Dr. Frank Miraglia for being a great pediatrician.

There have been so many people that have helped us from the baby shower to the present. Please click on the Thank you page.

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