Sui Lin (Seap) and I would like to thank everyone for the all their help and support from the baby shower to the present time.

Thank you to everyone that attended her shower. and for those who couldn't attend, thank you for the gift cards. The shower was a blast and successful! We still have diapers!

A very special Thanks to Kelsey & Kelly for organizing the shower and making Sui Lin feel very special. She has never had a baby shower or any special event that was dedicated to her. She really felt like a Queen. Also, thanks Lida for maiking the egg rolls, Pahny for the curry and putting the beef on the stick, Stephanie for the fried rice, Long & Leoup for the Cambodian pickles and help, Vidal for the preping and BBQing and all others that I missed for bringing additional food & goodies.

Thanks to Sui Lin's family, my best friend Jim Moniot, Uncle Glen & Michelle Lau, Faline Ceja, Margie Tygersen, Loetta, Hugh Blake, and Lita for bringing us food and shopping during the time we couldn't get out.

Too many names to mention so we created a list of everyone that has helped us celebrate this joyous occasion. I hope we didn't miss anyone. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. We feel blessed to have such wonderful friends!

Sui Lin (Seap) & Steve

Candy & Gorkem
Chad & Debbie Wiepking
Hugh Blake & Chikko Hayes
Deborah Haynes
Don Madarang
Eric & Dena Miller
Faline Ceja
Glen & Michelle Lau
James & Stacy Tucker
Jane Liu
Jennifer Castillo & Tommy
Jim & Gloria Moniot
Kelly Sparks & Craig
Kelsey & Kevin Mendoza
Mrs. Kong of Cloverdale
Lance & Holly Meridith
Linda Elliot
Margie Tygersen
Mark & Sally Mehnart
Mike & Kyle Jones
Pam Light
Pearl & Ray Tucker
Ray & Helen Miller
Rod Witel & Elizabeth
Ron Guptil
Rosie Rodriguez
Samid & Larry Broaderick
Sherry Xu
Sophear & Kern
Steve Lau
Tammy Banda
Terra Robinson
Vidal of Bekins Moving
Dr. Ashley Weinart
Asian Mart on Guerneville Rd.
Craig Owens
Samid's mom
Larry Chapman
Thoun / Lin
Mary Prak
Shawn & Pereak
Long & Paula
Sothear & family (Fresh Donuts)
Stephanie Thai Basil
Lisa & Mark
Mali & Nelson
Monida Kien (Florist)
Gorgina & family
Guido & Family
Chinn & Thy
Chanda & Kong
Sochetta of Andy's Donut
Heng & Lakhena Peong
Agnes & her friend

Hanh Kuok

Lagunitas for supplying the beer
Have a feelin I missed someone!
I know I mispelled some names
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