The 5th Annual Palooza

Many thanks to everyone for their support in this years Palooza fundraising event. Our goal was to raise more than last year($3,400) and possibly go for the magic $5,000. Well I am happy to say we exceeded that!!!!

As always part of your donations will go to the Casting for Recovery Foundation. One of my friends, Renee Gracheff Markarian, was a benifactor and is now a volunteer for this great organization that supports breast cancer survivors around the country including Northern California where our money goes.

More info can be found at http://

Our 2nd group to support this year is called Hearts Supporting Hearts. This newly founded organization was inspired by a little boy named Jon Michael Martin. Great name, I know, but no relation. Jon Michael is the grandson of a friend of mine, Jon Hallengren. Jon Michael was born with a congenital heart defect known as Tricuspid Atresia. It just so happens that my daughter Erica was born with the same condition 27 years ago. Jon Michael Martin and his family face a different road ahead. One most don’t understand. My wife and I can say whole heartily that we do. That is why we chose to support John Michael and his parents through their journey on the road less traveled.
For more info please go to http:// www.heartssupportinghearts. com/.


Special Thanks to:

Food / Drinks & Shade provided by:

Vidal and The Wild Bunch of Northern Ca

Bekins Moving & Storage

Chelino's Mexican Restaurant

Ron and Jill Champion of Grapevine Party Rentals

Bob Jones Tequila for the Margarita machines


Music provided by:

Blue Rock Country Club

The DJK+A band

Quinn Fujii

Phillip Parsons on the accordian


The Love Handles




Designed by Steven Lee (Please check out my site)