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Since I was a little kid, photography has always been apart of my life. My father introduced me to my first camera which was a pin hole box camera. As I was growing up, I got more involved with photography since my father started a commercial photo lab in 1972. I started photographing portraits and senior pictures. After a few years, I advanced to commercial photography amd weddings. Even thou I ran a photography business, I also enjoyed the weekend photo get togethers with my father and friends.

After the demise of film photography, I learned that digital photography wasn't so bad. Instead of buying film that needs to be processed, carring large and medium format cameras with all the lighting to power the space shuttle, I can do a lot with a smaller camera and have instant results on a memory card. The equipment has changed but the love for photography hasn't. It's just got much easier. Please take the time to view my photos and if you have any questions, please email me.


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